Essential SEO Guiding Principles for Any Business Website

It’s essential to know how to optimize your whole website and not just one of the web pages you are currently managing. Search engine optimization is all you need to rank on first page results while getting more impressions. One of the basics is to choose the ideal keywords for your content and write with quality and interesting topics. So before you start the process, you should first understand what your website is all about, the purpose, and how dedicated you are in providing the best user experience to your customers and visitors.

After knowing the quintessence of your website, you can now try the following tips in order to help you build the perfect website you need for branding. Don’t forget that content quality is also important so make sure you are equipped with the right SEO tools and resources. Get ready for the top rules you need to know below for a highly effective optimization of your site:

Focus your site on one thing

websiteYour website can talk about other things but make sure that readers know what it is all about. Choosing a primary topic can help make visitors understand your brand. Through keyword research, you can boost your content for potential online sales.

Mention keywords or key phrases wherein they matter

You should include your main topic on the title or headline with the best keyword to optimize your content. Aside from that, you can also put the targeted keyword on your domain name, tagline, description, page content, page titles, blog categories, and key phrases. If you have a WordPress website, you can modify anything through the “general settings” or you can just use a plugin such as the “All-In-One SEO Pack”.

Build internal page links

CMSs or content management systems are able to create links on the internal page in an automatic way. But if your system doesn’t, you can make links through your homepage or cross link them with other links on the web page.

Use “permalink” structure which contain keywords

permalinkThere are websites that contain ugly permalink structure which only use numbers in order to determine certain pages. The number one tip is to avoid this because it will only affect your SEO while making your site look dull. You can incorporate URL structures with texts to ensure keywords are keyed in.

Eliminate anything that reduces your website’s loading speed

Page loading times make or break your website’s functionality. Any non-essentials which inundate your site are not helpful in your online marketing efforts. These may include large images, music players, unnecessary plugins, and flash graphics.

Integrate keywords in your site images

If you’re not aware of this, you can actually include specific words that can reflect your website topic in the image description, title, and alt qualities. In addition, you can re-title your file name if it does not reflect the main keywords you need.

Link your web page to other sites using relevant content

This can be done through blogroll, resources page, or link list on your site. However, it is important to do this sparingly because the links will serve a “votes” for another website. By doing it right, visitors will surely click your page links while telling search engines that you are offering trustworthy information for internet users. That way, you will get higher ranking and better visibility.

Update your site regularly

Websites that contain dynamic content frequently rank better than sites that have static content. This is the reason why directories and blogs do well when it comes to content marketing. Through constantly updated content, rest assured that your site will have more visitors coming in. So brush up your skills in creating compelling content and post them on your site from time to time.

Guarantee indexed website for search engines

Search engines particularly Google automatically locate and index web content although they don’t rely on this much. Web crawling will help your site appear on search results but make sure you have relevant information to share. Content marketing and SEO is actually a powerful combination for anyone who wants to dominate the online market.

You can also have other sites to connect their pages with yours. This is important in SEO since it helps to boost brand awareness in a broader approach. Also, you can make some guest posting on other blogging sites available in your reach. Another tip is to refrain from changing your domains. You need to provide consistent name in order to help internet users easily find you whenever they need your content. Apart from that, writing like a human for humans is an ultimate technique to get organic traffic.

How Seo Explode Inc made it to the top

seoSearch optimization firms have their own strategies to be on top of their game. They make sure they do things right to attract more clients. Seo Explode Inc who has been in the business for many years always make sure that they know what Google is up to so they can keep up with the competition. It pays to be always updated with what’s happening in the online world.

Seo Explode Inc shares what they have learned from working with different clients over the years. These are tried and tested formulas that helped their clients improve search engine rankings.

Seo Explode Inc think you would need these helpful tips this year.

•Since the title is the first thing a search engine notices especially Google, you should make sure the title tag contains the main keyword. When you place the keyword in your title though, make sure it looks natural. Try to also not over-optimize it as Google will notice that too.

•Shoot for at least 2000 words in your blog or article post. This is because Google prefers websites with rich in content. But do not write fluff. It will not get you anywhere. If you write original, engaging and fun articles, you sure will get a rank to the top.

•Go mobile. Just last year, Google updated their algorithm to recognize mobile websites in the search results. The number of mobile users is growing every year. You won’t be on top of the game if you still don’t have a mobile site.

•Google thinks that websites launched more than 5 years ago offer good sources of information. So if you’re still new to the market and you just launched your website, do not expect a higher ranking right away. It might take a couple of years for you to be on top. You can’t do anything with your domain age, but you still can do something about the content of your website, keyword search, and back links. If you know how to use other techniques effectively, you may still get a higher ranking in Google.

•Be careful with link building. Google’s Penguin update is very particular with how the links are created. Never manipulate the system else you will be penalized by Google. This year, your link building strategy should follow Google’s Penguin. If you get wrong links, your entire ranking may suffer.

•There is a need to simply design the website and add great content. You can’t afford to confuse your readers. The other metrics that Google checks is the amount of time a user spends on the website. They also consider the click-through rate. If a user visits your site and leaves right away, it will tell Google that your site lacks value.

•There’s another factor that affects SEO ranking. That’s the time a user downloads information on your site. Make sure you don’t have a lot of application on your website to avoid delay in the download. If you have a mobile site, make sure it is fixed before launching it.

•Uses https. It stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure. Google have already announced that an https encryption will be considered in the rankings. Http doesn’t have protection so if you use https, Google considers your website secure.

•Do not underestimate the power of social media. There were reports that Google looks at social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. If your post has many likes or shares, it will prove valuable to Google. It will most likely show up on top of the rankings. So it still boils down to the content of your site. When you keep writing content that are engaging, Google will eventually recognize it.

•Make a sitemap. A sitemap is basically a map of your website. It will tell the user what to find in a certain tab or category. Sitemaps also affect a search engine’s ranking. Spiders or crawlers also look at a website’s map to make their work easier.

•Avoid duplicate content like the plague. There is not excuse when Google finds out about duplicate contents on your website. Your rankings will definitely suffer. So make sure every article on your website is original.

•Knowing where you are helps you get to where you should be. Before planning to get on top of the rankings, you should know your current rank. You should also find out the number of back links, top ranking keywords, and your website’s speed. There are tools that you can use to determine these and most of them are available for free. You can use Open Site Explorer, Google Analytics, Serps, and Pingdom.

Apart from helping out businesses with their end- goals, Explode SEO also provides helpful articles to webmasters. If you take time to know these tips by heart, you sure will be successful online.

The Best SEO Companies Could Be Wrong – Hedging Your Bets

mankindThere are a lot of people that put all their trust into the companies that are working for them in terms of marketing. You could be one of them, giving your money and trust to someone that claims to be the best at what they do, and that’s good. You will find that this is not a good thing moving forward, however. If you end up pushing the wrong area here, you will end up losing credibility fast. The main issue that you have to deal with in this regard is that you will need to build the right relationship with the general public, and that’s not easy to quantify at first glance. Sure, you may think that you have the right idea when launching a website, and you may even hire one of the best SEO companies in the industry today, but you will find that you need more than just the initial setup and a company working on your behalf.

In order to succeed online, you need results, and sometimes even the best SEO companies could get things wrong. It’s important that you hedge your bets through a variety of different elements so that you are not putting all your eggs in one proverbial basket. Aside from optimization and strict internet marketing elements, look to find a great deal of options that are going to have you thinking outside of the box. For great deal of options visit

Earning Links

One way that you can help build a great deal of authority is through the process of earning links. This is something that requires you to work hand in hand with a professional to build

earning-Linkscontent that is 100% shareable. If you can get people to share your posts, information and more, you will succeed in the long term. Do not allow yourself to lose sight of this, because you can easily get into the wrong arenas this way. You want to earn your links instead of paying for them because it’s too easy to do so. Paying for your links is a bad idea, and if you run into a company that is doing that, you will find that you can easily drop out of search engine results and end up at the wrong crossroads overall. Earning links takes time, and it takes a lot of good content getting published in a number of areas.


When The Pros are Wrong
For a long time internet marketing companies pushed the same type of marketing collateral forward. They had a cookie cutter approach to all of this and then things started to shift. The global shift that started was in regards to the way search engines highlight sites. These algorithmic shifts not only forced many marketers to change their styles, they forced millions of sites to start rethinking how all of this works moving forward. The pros can be wrong, and that was evidenced in contrast to Google’s updates of Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird. Fighting your way out of these arenas is one thing that many aren’t sure how to get done. If your site is penalized, it will falter and you will lose sight of something incredible.

The pros can be wrong, which is not a detriment to the best SEO companies, but you shouldn’t rely solely on their work to get you leverage. You need to have a voice in your marketing, and that could be as easy as setting up a blog and focusing on several other instances of marketing credibility as a whole. The goal of this opportunity is to seek out options that are going to highlight results overall. If you hire someone and the results aren’t coming in like you think they should, speak with them and see what is going on. If they aren’t sure what’s happening, then it’s time to find a new company, simple as that.


Hiring Versus DIY

plugYou could think to yourself that this is all a matter of conjecture, and while it may seem that way, there’s still methods to the madness of optimization. You’ll find that if you hire someone to help you build on the marketing collateral necessary to move forward, you will get moving forward fast. Hiring someone is going to trump anything that you can do within the DIY world. There are many bloggers and webmasters that think they can trump the professional end of things, and in the past it was simple, but today, it’s not so easy to get through that. Hiring someone will allow you to gain a lot of benefits, including saving time and energy in a lot of arenas. That being said, don’t go the DIY route, as you will end up having to deal with a lot of conjecture instead of a little bit when you hire a professional.

Take your time organized the options that you want to work with and look for the best SEO companies in your area and beyond. You’ll find that everyone is going to claim to be the best, but the end results are really what matters. You need a company that is “right” for you, not just the best overall, as it will showcase a variety of different reasons moving forward. Take your time with this, and you’ll find greatness follows.

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